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AnalysisWorks is looking for a bright and enthusiastic professional to join our team.  

Analyical Consultant / Database Analyst

The job description is available for download on the following link:
Analytical Consultant Job Description.

There are two simple evaluations exercises to complete and submit as part of the application. Individuals who meet the qualifications listed in the job description should be able to complete these exercises with minimal effort.

1) Link two tables provided in the excel evaluation file

2) Repeat the excel exercise using MS Access. The same two tables are provided in the access file. Generate two summaries of the linked data (Number of units sold by product type, Total profit by product type). Please submit the SQL syntax for both summaries as part of your application. If you need to submit the entire database, please zip it before attaching it to your email.

3) Send your response to careers@analysisworks.com

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