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A Team of 'A Players'

We pride ourselves in having a high performing team of exceptional individuals. Senior clients and consultants have even told us that we are the best team they have ever worked with. Each member of the AnalysisWorks team has been carefully selected for the skill set they bring as well as their demonstrated ability to get things done effectively. We each demand a high level of excellence of ourselves, and of each other.


Jason Goto, BASc Engineering, MSc Management Science: President
Jason Goto is a leading consultant in the application of analytic techniques to help organizations operate more efficiently and strategize more effectively. For five years he taught simulation methods, statistics, and consulting practices at the graduate and undergraduate levels at the Sauder School of Business. Jason was previously the Associate Director of the Centre for Operations Excellence at UBC where he led applied research projects involving graduate students, faculty members and industry partners.

As a principal consultant in AnalysisWorks he has developed models and conducted analyses to support decisions concerning systems performance, resource allocation, and capacity planning for major private and public organizations. He has provided change management and implementation support in numerous engagements involving significant process redesign and operational change. He has worked with a wide range of industries including aerospace, manufacturing, and logistics, and has extensive experience in the Health Care industry. He holds an Engineering degree from the University of Waterloo, and a Masters of Science in Management Science from UBC.

Prashant Mahajan, BSc Aviation Management, MBA: Senior Manager
Prashant Mahajan is an experienced consultant who has advised and collaborated with management teams to create strategic, operational, organizational, and financial solutions to substantially improve performance and value. He has 12 years of consulting experience in global infrastructure management and business planning, with firms such as Bombardier Aerospace and AECOM. He has led projects ranging from business forecasting to strategy development, operational planning, finance, asset sales, and marketing. As a senior manager at AnalysisWorks, Prashant is directly engaged in consulting work, with an emphasis on project management and team leadership. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Aviation Management from the Florida Institute of Technology, and a Masters in Business Administration from the University of Florida.

Alex Jago, MSc Operations Research, BA: Project Lead
Alex is an extremely detail-oriented Analytical Consultant, with a demonstrated track record of leading projects to success in the past five years. He has a deep understanding of Surgical Services through his many engagements involving Surgical Flow, Surgical Smoothing, OR Time Allocation (RAM), and flow mapping for capital projects. Alex is a top-ranking graduate of University of Edinburgh's masters program in Operations Research.

Bailey Kluczny, MM Operations Research, BCom: Project Lead
Bailey is one of the most talented and experienced simulation modelers in the country, with a demonstrated success in translating the real world into insightful models that drive decision-making. He has assumed a leadership role in a wide range of projects including cost forecasting of chronic diseases, modeling of patient flow, optimizing aircraft fleet acquisitions, and numerous models in aerospace manufacturing and supply chain. Bailey is a graduate of the Masters in Management program at the University of British Columbia Sauder School of Business, and a former analyst with the Centre for Operations Excellence.

Ozge Uncu, Ph.D Industrial Engineering, M Eng, BASc: Senior Methodologist
Ozge is a dynamic individual who has a unique combination of practical consulting skills and high-end analytics. He is one of the few people in the world who is adept in effectively using neural network analysis and fuzzy rule models, this being his area of research in his Doctoral studies. He has a deep understanding of inpatient flow and inpatient bed allocation (in particular the Bed Allocation Methodology, BAM). He has leading expertise in developing models that estimate future needs in health care and education. He previously was a consultant with IBM in Ontario.

John LaRusic, MSc Mathematics, BSc Theory and Computation: Analytical Consultant
John has a strong background in mathematical optimization and algorithms, with a focus on heuristics for large-scale optimization. He has over four years of enterprise development experience within the Federal Government, creating dynamic reports for decision making and intuitive user interfaces for data capture. He complements the team's analytical strength with his programming and database expertise.

Joey Uljevic, MM Operations Research, BSc: Analytical Consultant
Joey is a technical analyst with a firm understanding of Operations Research. With projects involving forecasting, simulation, and optimization, he has applied his analytical skills in a variety of fields including warehouse logistics, real estate, and software development. At the Centre for Operations Excellence in the Sauder School of Business at UBC, Joey worked with consulting teams as both a technical analyst and a project lead. He also has experience working for the Federal Government and as a private consultant.

Daniel Garcia, BEng Operations Engineering: Analytical Consultant
Daniel is a seasoned consultant with exceptional skills in consultation and translation of client challenges into actionable solutions. He has nine years consulting experience in developing models for scenario analysis, capacity planning, inventory control, and demand forecasting. His current work is focused on detailed data transformation and visualization with simulation models. He has worked as a planner and consultant in several top-tier organizations including McKinsey & Co, AVON Cosmetics, and Pfizer.

Qingshan Fan, BSc: Analytical Consultant
Qingshan is a technical consultant with a background in application and database programming. Drawing on his education in computer science, he has implemented numerous analyses involving complex data manipulation and dynamic reporting. In addition he has leveraged his 12 years of experience in programming and development to develop intuitive and graphical user interfaces for simulation models.

David Ball, BSc Mathematics: Analytical Consultant
David is an experienced consultant with a strong background working for the Health and Emergency Services in the United Kingdom. With the use of simulation and optimization models, he has supported numerous decisions concerning performance, resource allocation, and capacity planning for major public organizations. David is also a graduate of the University of Durham and brings a firm understanding of Operations Research and analytic techniques.

Kari Santoro: Project Support, Administrator
Kari brings a warm, purposeful outlook to the office in her role as Administrator. With extensive experience in event production, sales and marketing, and office management, she provides valued administrative support to meet the needs of our busy and growing firm. Drawing on over 12 years of experience in Canada, the United States and Europe within client-focused organizations, Kari works closely with the team members to finalize project and business development materials.

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