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Our mission is to create a new industry in evidence-based management consulting. While we know that we're being optimistic, we are grounded in the concept of "building for the future". Our values have great influence on how we build our high-value service and solution offering for today, and for the future.

Innovative and Engaging

Our clients often tell us that they've "never seen that before". They are talking about how we take dry numbers and make the story jump off the page; how we get people engaged with each other in discussions about solutions; and how we develop new ways of looking at a decision-making process. By the nature of our analytical training in Operations Research and Industrial Engineering, we are frequently introducing concepts that are new and fresh. In addition, we push ourselves to bring some fun and inspiration to our meetings and working sessions.

Commitment to Excellence

We take pride in being great at what we do, and living our commitment to excellence. Whether it's in how we listen to our clients, how we translate data into insightful information, how we work alongside our clients to affect change, or how we invent new and innovative solutions, we constantly strive for excellence. Our results and solutions hold up to the test of time because of this high standard of quality. We believe that our strong track history of successful projects is largely due to our commitment to excellence.

Passionate about making a difference

A shared value in our team is a desire to make a positive impact - to literally see our efforts result in positive change. Although many of our team members have graduate training in optimization, we learned that a true solution is often one that is simple, effective, and well supported by the people involved. To maximize our impact, we invest time and effort working with our client teams to develop truly actionable solutions. Once a direction is chosen, we work with our client teams to support them in implementing and sustaining the change.

Honest, objective, and transparent

Inside our company we call it "do the right thing". As evidence-based management consultants, being objective, transparent and honest is just part of who we are. Over the years we've earned trust in the fields that we work in by demonstrating our integrity through our actions.

Work-life balance and promoting personal growth

As much as we love our work, we also place high importance on work-life balance. Unlike traditional management consulting firms, we work standard working hours, minimize overnight travel, and accommodate team members who need personal time. AnalysisWorks is a company that cares about the team, and genuinely strives to create the best career opportunity for each team member.

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