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Frequently Asked Questions

Describing what we do is actually one of the hardest parts of our business. The following are some questions that people frequently ask us:

Q1) What is it that you do?

We provide high quality, evidence-based management consulting services, and develop innovative solutions and technologies.

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Q2) What is "Evidence-Based Management Consulting"?

A common definition of management consulting is "a service industry that provides advice to those in charge of running an organization". We build on this concept by backing up our advice with a body of evidence, which may include findings from research, analysis, and modeling. We seek to be advisors to those in charge, so that we are best positioned to make a positive and measurable difference.

Q3) We have our own decision support group. How are you different? Why would we hire you?

We are different in that we bridge the gap between the executive perspective and the analyst perspective. Many of our client organizations have highly functioning internal decision support departments that are adept at providing detailed data in many dimensions. Our value-add is in that we understand the business questions that the executive is seeking to answer, and when we develop an answer it is focused on the exact measures and comparisons that are of direct relevance to the question. Our clients tell us that "we get them".

In addition, through our collective years in applied research, we have learned that there are some analysts that are great at theory and programming but struggle to get the main point. Our analysts are specifically selected individuals who get the big picture in addition to finer details.

Q4) How do I know that you're any good?

We believe our track record of successful engagements with leading organizations speaks for itself. We have grown steadily since our founding in 2000, and almost all of that growth was through positive client referrals.

Often in the first few weeks of working with a new client, they say things like "now I understand why people like you". We are better at showing how good we are through our work rather than through our marketing.

If you still aren't convinced, see what our clients are saying about us.

Q5) What if I just have a quick question?

Ask away. We are in the business of building long-term relationships in our network. We have provided free consulting in many situations, and it's not uncommon for us to recommend to a potential client that they may be better served through another firm.

Our approach is to help organizations identify what is in their best interest. If there is a high value service that we can offer and the client organization is committed to making a difference, then we'll begin the dialogue about setting up an engagement.

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