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Our process

Because we customize our services for each engagement our process varies from project to project. The following are the typical stages in a full service engagement:

  • We start with the end in mind by getting a clear agreement on the targeted outcomes that we are seeking to achieve
  • We listen to what people are saying, and we observe what is happening
  • We corroborate the stories with the data, and build a body of evidence to get to the core of the issue
  • We leverage the body of evidence to identify practical options to achieve the targeted outcomes
  • We work with the client team to determine which solution is the most viable
  • We start small, build a concept, and test it
  • We engage the client team in expanding the concept, and rolling out the solution
  • We measure the impact of the solution in comparison to the baseline performance
  • We iteratively improve the solution until we achieve the targeted outcomes
  • We transition knowledge and technology to the client team
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